the men in the boats. But how


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had Lycon behaved? Instead of flying before the flood, he had305 jumped


into the nearest boat and, instead of thinking solely of himself, in the midst of the peril had remembered othe


rs and warned the men in the rest of the boats. “Had it not


been for Lycon,” said Polycles, raising his voice, “not only would thirty men in the boats have perished, but


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Posted: Jan 17 2013

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the whole theatre echoed with the call: “Where is Lycon?”

Posted: Jan 17 2013

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“It seems to me,” said Polycles, smiling, “that the very

Posted: Jan 17 2013

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men who a short time ago wanted to drive Lycon out of the city

Posted: Jan 17 2013

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and stone him, are now shouting the loudest.” These words

Posted: Jan 17 2013

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roused much noisy hilarity. The306 worthy Methonians could no

Posted: Jan 17 2013

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t help laughing themselves at the ease with which they passed

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from one extreme to the other. “As I knew you woul

d want to see Lycon,” Polycles added, “I hav

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e, with the chief magistrate’s permission, br

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